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Coheed and Cambria
Tue February 19, 2019 7:30 pm CST (Doors: 6:30 pm )
$29.50 - $109.50

With Foxing opening.


Doors open at 630 and show time at 730.


Tickets are $29.50 and Seated Side Riser tickets are $52.50 (ltd qty - avail online only). 


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Coheed and Cambria

Over the past
10 years, Claudio Sanchez and his group, Coheed and Cambria have distinguished
themselves as among the most gifted storytellers in rock.  Sanchez’s ‘The Amory
Wars’ narrative—spun out across their five previous studio albums which
together have sold over 2 million copies in the United States alone—is a good
vs. evil science-fiction epic that's become to Coheed and
Cambria fans something like what The Wall and Quadrophenia were
to previous generations. And the tale might soon reach an even wider audience,
as Mark Wahlberg recently announced that he and Stephen Levinson of Leverage
Productions will turn Sanchez’s The Amory Wars into a big-screen live-action
feature film.

Now, after
nine months in the studio, Coheed and Cambria seize on the momentum this
October with their release, ‘The
Afterman: Ascension
,’ the first volume of a remarkable new double album collectively
called ‘The Afterman.’ Volume two,
titled ‘The Afterman: Descension’
will follow in February 2013.

True to
Coheed's restlessly exploratory nature, the nine-track Ascension finds
the New York-based band—singer-guitarist Claudio Sanchez, founding guitarist
Travis Stever, bassist Zach Cooper and drummer Josh Eppard—staking out exciting
new ground. "With all of our older albums, my thing was always figuring
out how to fit my life into the Amory Wars concept," Sanchez says. "I
knew where each one sat in terms of the story. Whereas with this one, I allowed
my life—my experiences and what I was going through—to frame the concept."

‘The Afterman,’ celebrated
cosmonaut/astronomer Sirius Amory embarks on a journey in which he makes
arguably the greatest scientific discovery ever known to mankind. However, the
death of his wife upon his return causes him to realize what was truly
important to him just slipped right through his hands, and his only mission now
is to make amends.

The first volume, Ascension
charts Sirius’ sci-fi journey into the stars of the alternate universe known
well by Coheed fans as “Heaven’s Fence.” Upon entering “the Keywork,” the blue
gaseous energy force that powers these worlds, Amory stumbles upon the
Afterlife. In his first confrontation with a soul, “Domino the Destitute”
possesses Sirius, who is forced to relive the frenetic events that had occurred
in Domino’s waking life. The second volume,
‘Descension’ follows Sirius’ return to his home planet after a long absence
and the negative effects that follow.

points to a specific catalyst for the two discs: the death of a close friend of
his wife’s. “She found out about it through Facebook, which is the most
impersonal way to receive this intensely personal news,” he remembers. “Later
that night, I sat down and just started writing a song”—it became the album’s
title track—“from the point of view of her experience. Everything else followed
from there.”

Though shrouded in this epic tale, Ascension’ is really about Sanchez’s personal
life outside the concept. As in “Subtraction” he describes the challenges posed
by a touring life in which “I’m always going away for long stretches and coming
back home,” and Sanchez even admits “Domino the Destitute” was subconsciously
written about the recent departure from Coheed of former bassist Michael Todd.

by the band with Michael Birnbaum and Chris Bittner (who both helmed the band’s
first three albums), Sanchez credits the expansive musical vibe of the
album—which moves from the lullaby-like strains of “The Hollow” to the driving,
riff-heavy “Mothers of Men” to the deeply funky “Evagria the Faithful”—to the
freedom he had while writing over the course of the last two years. It’s a
freedom, he points out, that came as a result of the band’s working
independently for the first time in many years. “When you write a record in a
month and a half, you have the same mentality throughout the entire process,”
he says. “But when you allow yourself time, your mindset changes and that
influences your creativity. It gives you dramatic ups and downs, and I think
that’s invaluable.”

Coheed’s line-up
transforms, as well, on’ Ascension,’ with the addition of Cooper and the
return of the band’s original drummer, Josh Eppard. “When I sit down at the
drum set to demo a song, Josh is who I emulate,” says Sanchez. “There’s a
symbiotic understanding between the two of us: I play guitar with a lot of
percussion, and he’s a very melodic drummer. I can’t even describe what a pleasure
it was to see him walking down the driveway toward my house again.” Says Eppard
of his reunion with the band: “The way Claudio writes has always felt like home
base to me. I knew we could do something special from the first time we played

On The Afterman: Ascension they’re still doing it.